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Inoculating Loops

Inoculation Loops from Boekel Scientific banish cross-contamination risks in your lab. Available in 1, 5 and 10 uL sizes that are color-coded for easy identification, you'll find the best inoculating loop price with our bulk 6,000-piece quantity options.

These culture loops are sterile and disposable in a rigid plastic design with smooth loops to easily streak plate surfaces or obtain inoculum. Find all your lab's consumables at Boekel Scientific.

  • Eliminates risk of cross contamination
  • Sterile and Disposable
  • Color coded size for easy identification
  • Smooth loop allows for easy streaking of surface
  • Rigid plastic design

2.0 ML Cryovials

2.0ml Cryogenic Storage Vials with External or Internal Thread. Silicone washer seal with quick and secure 1 and 1/4 turn closing. Thick wall construction with 0.2ml graduations. Self-standing bottom design.
  • 12.5mm diameter x 49mm height
  • Made from special polypropylene for storing biological material or cells at temperatures as low as -196°
  • Designed for used in ULT freezers or gas phase of liquid nitrogen
  • The cap top insert is available in many colors

Screw Cap Microtubes

Screw Cap Microtubes



 SKU 120047

Screw Cap Microtubes in bulk quantities at Boekel Scientific help you stock up on lab consumables. Our 2.0-milliliter tubes are made of robust clear polypropylene for a clear view of the contents and include a polished area for writing or labeling.

Screw caps are easy to use one-handed. They include TPE O-rings to seal securely and prevent cross-contamination if the wrong lid is applied.

2.0ml Screw Cap Microtubes are ideal for sample preparation and storage.

  • Manufactured from robust clear polyproplylene offer excellent view of tube contents
  • Tubes are ideal for sample processing and storage application
  • Caps including TPE O-ring create excellent seal for security storage
  • O-ring loop cap on tube prevent cross-contamination caused by wrong cover
  • Easy for single-hand operation
  • Polished area on tube for writing or labeling
  • Autoclavable at 121íŠ

PCR Tube With Flat Cap

  • Ultra-thin walled design for efficient heat transfer
  • High light transmittance
  • Autoclavable

PCR Tube Strips 8 X 0.2ml

PCR Tube Strips from Boekel Scientific support your team's DNA work. These strips of eight 0.2-milliliter tubes are designed with flat caps and ultra-thin walls for high light transmittance and efficient heat transfer.

These 0.2ml PCR tubes facilitate loading into 8 x 12 format thermal cyclers. Buy them in bulk quantities of 250 pieces to keep your lab stocked up.

  • Ultra-thin walled design for efficient heat transfer
  • High light transmittance
  • Easy for loading into 8 x 12 format thermal cyclers

Microtubes With Snap Cap

Microtubes with Snap Caps from Boekel Scientific help you snap up savings on lab consumables. Choose 0.5ml, 1.5ml or 2.0ml microtubes that are made from virgin polypropylene with molded graduations and beveled snap caps for easy opening and closing.

Flat, frosted caps facilitate written notations, and they snap closed tightly for the lowest evaporation rates during storage. Discounted bulk quantities of 5,000 pieces make maintaining inventory a snap.

  • Molded graduation
  • Flat frosted cap for easy writing
  • Beveled cap edge for comfortable opening and closing
  • Tight lid closure for lowest evaporation rates during storage

15ml & 50ml Conical-Bottom Centrifuge Tubes

Conical-Bottom Centrifuge Tube sizes 15ml and 50ml at Boekel Scientific keep your lab spinning. These high-quality centrifuge tubes are available at bulk pricing to make your consumable stock easy to manage.

Made from ultra-clear polypropylene, our conical-bottom centrifuge tubes are sterile, leakproof and free of DNase and RNase. Each tube features white printed graduations and a labeling area.

  • Sterile, Dnase/Rnase free
  • Made from ultra-clear polypropylene
  • Leak-proof
  • White printed graduations and labeling area

Free Standing Centrifuge Tubes 50ml

Free-Standing 50ml Centrifuge Tubes from Boekel Scientific free your team's hands for more important work. They also free your lab work from DNase and RNase for accurate molecular biology processes.

Made from ultra-clear polypropylene for easy viewing, the skirted design gives our 50ml centrifuge tubes free-standing abilities while remaining leakproof. White printed graduations and a labeling area support precise sampling, and bulk pricing is available.

  • Skirted design allows for tube to stand upright
  • Sterile/Dnase, Rnase free
  • Made from ultra-clear polypropylene
  • Leak-proof
  • White printed graduations and labeling area

Plastic Culture Tubes

  • Single cap allows for vented and sealed culture applications
  • Constructed of ultra clear transparent polypropylene
  • Suitable for cultures, aqueous solutions, mild bases and weak acids

Compact Microtube Storage Box

Compact microtube storage racks, available in 100-well and 80-well

Conical Vial Tube Rack 15 And 50 Ml

Conical Vial Tube Rack 15 And 50 Ml



 SKU 120056 & 120056-50

The 15ml and 50ml Conical Tube Racks at Boekel Scientific stabilize your lab's water bath procedures. Snap together these heavy-duty conical vial racks for a quick and easy solution to keeping conical tubes and vials upright in water baths.

Made of sturdy polypropylene, this bright orange conical tube rack features an alphanumeric grid to make identifying samples easier. Ships flat and assembles easily.

Additional Content:

  • Easy-to-assemble polypropylene racks snap together securely
  • Designed for stable use in water baths
  • Features alphanumeric grid reference aids for tube identification
  • Shipped flat wells for 15ml tubes measure 17mm Dia., wells for 50ml tubes measure 28mm Dia.

Cryovial Storage Boxes

Cryovial Storage Boxes at Boekel Scientific really keep their cool. Made from durable polycarbonate, these lightweight freezer boxes include room for up to 100 one- to two-milliliter vials, a numeric grid on the tray and transparent lid for easy specimen identification, and built-in air vents for use in liquid nitrogen.

Use this cryostorage box in ultra-low-temp freezers that go as low as -321 degrees F (-196 degrees C).

Boekel Scientific Freezer Box Dimensions: 5.12 x 5.12 x 2.09 inches (130 x 130 x 53 mm)

Additional Content:

  • Manufactured in Polycarbonate provide ultra-low temperature storage from -196íŠ to 121íŠ
  • Designed for storage of Cryovials from 1.0ml to 2.0ml in Liquid Nitrogen or Freezer
  • Numeric grid on lid and tray for easy identification of samples
  • With Air vents for storage in liquid nitrogen
  • Covers are keyed to the base to prevent misalignment
  • Measurement:130 x 130 x 53mm (LxWxH,mm) 10x10 Array box, measurement: 130 x 130 x 53mm (LxWxH,mm)

Multi Tube Rack For 50ml Conical, 15ml Conical, And Microcentrifuge Tubes

  • Racks can connect together to increase capacity
  • Heavy-duty design for storing most laboratory tubes
  • Can fit 4 x 50ml, 12 x 15ml, 32 x 1.5ml or 32 x 0.5ml microcentrifuge tubes
  • Suitable for autoclaving

PCR Racks 96 Place, Stackable

  • Stackable and compact
  • Suitable for autoclaving
  • Wells are easily identified with alphanumeric grid
  • Made with heavy duty polypropylene

Reversible Racks For Microtubes

  • One side holds 1.5ml and 2.0 ml tubes, the reverse side holds 0.5ml and .7ml tubes
  • Ideal for freezing and autoclaving
  • Wells are easily identified with molded numbers
  • Made with heavy duty polypropylene

Snap Together Test Tube Racks

  • Shipped flat for easy storage
  • Suitable for autoclaving and use in water baths
  • Tubes are easily identified with alphanumeric grid
  • Made with heavy duty polypropylene
  • Snaps together in seconds

Serological Pipettes

Serological Pipettes from Boekel Scientific help your team measure and transfer liquids precisely. We carry six capacities of pipette that are color-coded according to international standards to simplify identification: 1.0ml yellow; 2.0ml green; 5.0ml blue; 25ml red; 50ml black.

Made of virgin polystyrene and individually labeled for lot-to-lot traceability, all our serological pipettes include descending and ascending graduations to help pipetting and negative graduations for extra capacity.

Additional Content:

  • Manufactured from virgin polystyrene are ideal for accurate liquid transfer or mix.
  • Management system EN ISO13485 with SOPs and 100,000 grade clean-room guarantee quality.
  • Available with 6 capacity of 1.0, 2.0, 5.0, 10.0 , 25.0 and 50.0ml (The 1ml, 2ml and 5ml are a one piece construction and the 10ml, 25ml and 50ml pipets are made with a durable ultrasonically welded 3 piece construction.)
  • Clear black printing guarantee maximum an accuracy of ±2%.
  • Descending & ascending graduations to help pipetting and negative graduations for extra capacity.
  • Pipettes are color coded according to the international standards to simplify identification.
  • All pipettes are supplied with a cotton plug for protection against the suction of liquid into the pipetting device. Serological Pipets are supplied gamma radiation, available with bulk package or in a paper/plastic bag. Inner packaging is individually labelled Lot-to-Lot traceability.

Autoclave Biohazard Bags

Autoclave Biohazard Bags from Boekel Scientific keep it clean. Made from heavy-gauge polypropylene, our large and small biohazard bags can take the heat up to 270 degrees F (132 degrees C). A writable panel allows marking for an organized bench.

If you're looking to stock up on autoclave trash bags, lab grade red and black biohazard bags from Boekel Scientific are available at bulk pricing.

Heavy gauge polypropylene high temperature autoclave waste bags

  • High temperature autoclave bags are manufactured from heavy gauge polypropylene material, suitable for autoclaving up to a temperature of 132íŠ(270OF)
  • Autoclave bags are red with black writing and are designed for contaminated waste disposal.
  • Autoclave bags are available in small and large
  • Autoclave bags have a write on panel to enable the user to mark each bag if required.

Disposable Pipettes

  • Ideal for transferring or dispensing liquids safely
  • Eliminates risk of cross contamination
  • Individually packed
  • Precise Graduations

Weighing Boats

Anti-Static Weighing Boats from Boekel Scientific make measuring easier and more accurate in your lab. Available in 30- and 100-milliliter sizes, these white weigh boats are made of anti-static high-impact polystyrene to accommodate both liquids and solids.

Rounded corners make it easier to remove powdered and granulated samples while recesses at the corners facilitate precisely controlled pour-offs. Bulk pricing is available for both sizes of weigh boats.

  • Manufactured in anti-static high impact polystyrene and are ideal for handling both liquids and solids.
  • Rounded corners provide for easy removal of powered and granular samples.
  • Recesses at the corners facilitate controlled pour-off.

Sterile Urinalysis And Specimen Container

Sterile Urine Sample Containers from Boekel Scientific support safe sample collection and urinalysis. Choose three-ounce (90ml) or four-ounce (120ml) urine collection cups that feature sterile markers, writable labels and dual-thread HDPE caps for a leak-resistant seal.

Our sterile urine sample containers are made from virgin polypropylene that is non-cytotoxic and provides superior crack resistance. Top and bottom gripping makes for easy handling with gloved hands on these sterile containers, priced for bulk quantities.

Sterile Urinalysis and Specimen Container with Sterile Marker and Label. Available in 90ml/3oz and 120ml/4oz. Screw Cap and leak-resistant seal. Individually packed in plastic bag.

  • Manufactured from virgin polypropylene. All materials are non-cytotoxic and crack resistant.
  • Cap Material: HDPE
  • Ideal for microbiology/urinalysis/histology specimens collection and transportation in harsh conditions
  • A Dual-thread polyethylene cap provides a leak-resistant seal
  • Meets 95KPa transportation guidelines
  • Top and bottom gripping assures easy opening and closing when wearing gloves
  • Molded-in Graduation markings on three sides
Sterile Urinalysis and Specimen Container 65 millimeter height.
Sterile Urinalysis and Specimen Container 89 millimeter height

Histology Specimen Container

Histology Specimen Containers from Boekel Scientific are ideal for collecting, storing and transporting large size samples. If your lab needs biopsy specimen containers or paraffine containers, histology specimen containers made from non-cytotoxic polypropylene like these are essential.

Boekel specimen containers feature graduated measurements on three sides, easy-grip texture for safely working with gloves and threaded HDPE caps for secure closure. Bulk pricing is available to help maintain consumable inventory.

  • Great for collecting, storing and transporting solid/liquid samples
  • Made of Non-cytotoxic Polypropylene
  • Cap made of HDPE
  • Graduated on three sides
  • Easy to grip textured lid for working with gloves

Culture Plates

  • Manufactured from virgin Polystyrene
  • Alphanumeric grid for easy sample identification
  • Lids have rings to minimize cross contamination
  • Wells have raised rims to minimize cross contamination
  • CE marked
  • In vitro use only
  • Sterile

Plastic Petri Dishes

  • Mirror-finishing for high clarity
  • Numbered grid for counting (120034 and 120034-1000 only)
  • Manufactured from virgin polystyrene
  • CE marked
  • In vitro use only
  • Sterile 

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