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Dry Block Heaters

Boekel Scientific Dry Bath Incubator Touch Screen Block Heaters

Boekel Scientific Dry Bath Incubator Touch-Screen Block Heaters really heat up your lab's sample game. Designed with advanced touch-screen control to create and store up to 25 programs, our heating blocks fit any bench with a slim profile.

Choose from models that accommodate one, two or three block modules. Select from 16 block module options, like 110025 Block Module (25mm Tubes) or 110101 Block Module (5ml Centrifuge Tubes).

The Programmable Heating Blocks are designed for precise controlling of sample temperatures. Heating Blocks, also known as dry bath incubators, use aluminum inserts to suit the use of many types of laboratory test tubes, plates, and containers. Boekel programmable heating blocks are designed to be used with standard aluminum dry blocks (nominally 3” deep x 3 ¾” wide x 2” high) of varying configurations for heating test tubes, microtubes, and other small vessels. The Programmable Heating Blocks use an advanced touch screen control system to create and store programs. Programs can have a maximum of five different temperature steps and there is a repeat function for thermal cycling procedures. An option external temperature probe is available for spot temperature checking and controlling the unit temperature.



    • Readily Recognizable Icons to Start, Stop and Pause Temperature Control on a Bright Color Touch Screen
    • Save up to 25 Programs for Rapid Sample Processing
    • One, Two, and Four Block Models to Fit Your Workflow
    • Slim Design to Conserve Bench Space
    • Optional External Temperature Probe
    • UL, CE, CSA approved
    • Amazing Price Point
    • Two-year Warranty


Modern laboratories require modern equipment to reduce repetitious procedures and increase accuracy and throughput. The Boekel Scientific’s programmable heating blocks are designed to accommodate the most basic sample incubation procedures to multi-step heating processes and thermal cycling procedures. The slim One, Two and Four block design allows for more bench space and a configurable work flow. The optional external temperature probe is great for spot checking temperatures or controlling block temperature based on the actual sample temperature.


    • Restriction digests
    • In situ hybridization
    • Denaturing DNA
    • Melting agar
    • Hot start PCR
    • Total phosphorus and total nitrogen testing
    • Incubating cultures
    • Blood testing 
    • Microbiologic work
    • Blood bank incubator
    • DNA digests
    • Cell digestion for DNA
    • Warming reagents and samples
    • Test tube incubator
    • Incubation of LAL tubes 

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