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Colorimetric Analyzers

MicroMac C Colorimetric Analyser

Single or Multiparameter Colorimetric Analyser

The MicroMac C is designed to operate in an industrial or treatment works environment with minimal routine intervention and uses, wherever possible, industry standard chemistry methods.

The robust nature of the MicroMac C with its separate electronic and chemistry compartments (the latter including reagent storage) provides a highly reliable online analyser.
The chemistry module employs the patented Loop Flow Analysis System which results in a very flexible analysis system which can incorporate high temperature digestion or heating, UV digestion, acid digestion, and temperature controlled end point reactions all utilising either a visible light colorimeter or a fluorimeter.

Partech are the exclusive UK distributor for Systea Srl who are based in Rome, Italy. Partech have experienced, fully trained sales and service personnel.

MicroMac 1000 Portable Colorimetric Analyser

Single or Multiparameter Portable Colorimetric Analyser

The MicroMac 1000 is designed to operate as a free standing colorimetric analyser which gives the user the ability to get ‘live’ data from a site for a short period of time without having to install complex online monitoring packages.

The portability of the analyser gives the user a portable ‘laboratory’ as it uses the same standard methods of analysis as most laboratories. It can be used as a tool for site surveys, investigations or when set up as a package, longer term studies or profiling of a site. With the advantage of ‘live’ results the system can be used in place of samplers where the sample is collected and sent away for laboratory analysis, thus enabling changes to be made much quicker.


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