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SludgeWatch Monitors

SludgeWatch 8200w2 Monitor

The SludgeWatch 8200w² Monitor provides a reliable method of detecting the sludge blanket level in clarifiers and settlement tanks, or increasing levels of suspended solids or sludge density in large range of processes.

Control of the sludge blanket level is essential to ensure discharge consent compliance and efficient control of the treatment process. If the sludge blanket in a settlement tank is allowed to rise close to the surface there is a danger that solids will leave the tank and contaminate the next process stage or be discharged into the water course. Alternatively, if the sludge blanket is not allowed to stabilise or form a blanket or is pumped out too frequently the settlement process does not take place at all and solids will remain in suspension. Additionally there is a danger that thin sludge or water will be pumped from the bottom of the tank into the sludge handling system thus reducing the effectiveness of that process.


The SludgeWatch 8200w² Monitor is suitable for mounting outdoors on the bridge of settlement tanks, as the enclosure is IP65 rated and no outer enclosure is required. Provision must be made for transmission of the output signal to the control system; this is normally possible via spare slip rings. Where this is not possible a radio telemetry option is available, allowing transmission directly to the control system without the need for installation of cables.

ASLD2200 Sludge Blanket Monitor

Continuous Sludge Blanket Level Monitoring – Infrared Sensor

The ASLD2200 is a fully automatic sludge blanket level detector designed for the water and waste water industry. It utilises a servo-driven sensor which continually tracks the settled interface with the sensor at the very top of the interface zone.

Continuous monitoring of the sludge/water interface or sludge blanket is central to the efficient operation of clarifiers, thickeners and settlement tanks. Reliable measurement enables a control system to maintain the optimum depth of sludge in the tank. A sludge interface that is too high can result in pollution incidents caused by carry-over from a final settlement tank. The sludge can also become too thick to extract easily or can turn septic if left too long. If there is insufficient sludge in the tank the settlement process cannot operate correctly and the solids will tend to remain in suspension.

Our infrared sensors are ideally suited to monitoring the sludge/water interface even when the settlement process is not working effectively and the interface has become indistinct.

SludgeWatch Ultra Sludge Blanket Monitor

Continuous Sludge Blanket Level Monitoring – Ultrasonic Sensor

The SludgeWatch Ultra utilises the industry accepted look down ultrasonic or ‘sonar’ method of detecting and tracking the interface between sludge and water in water, wastewater and industrial effluent settlement tanks and clarifiers. The cleaning wiper operates automatically to remove dirt and air bubbles that can interfere with the measurement.

By monitoring the position of the sludge/water interface the user can make process adjustments to ensure that their plant is operating at the optimum efficiency. If a blanket is allowed to rise too high in the tank there is a danger of carry-over to the effluent channel or the next processing stage, additionally strain may be placed on the scrapper mechanism. If there is too little sludge in the tank the settling process cannot work effectively, this leads to problems with sludge processing, returned sludge concentrations and carry-over to the effluent channel.

Automated sludge blanket detection removes the need for time consuming manual checks, ensuring reliable process control everyday and during unexpected weather or load conditions.


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