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Sample Collection


Easy to use and transport
Provides safe disposal of syringes, needles and other small sharps. 
  • Stackable to reduce storage space before use
  • 1.0 L capacity (Quart) with a clear lid to view fill level
  • Slide access lid for temporary and final closures for safety and security
  • Built-in needle removal port, preventing direct contact with sharps
  • Compatible with the Droplet® Blood Collection Tray (see page 44)
  • Measures 4.5 x 4.5 x 7.5 in (11.5 x 11.5 x 19.2 cm)
  • Pack of 18


Sample Collection Tray, Blood Collection Tray
Light weight, heavy on organization!
Organize your phlebotomy, I.V. start or catheter insertion supplies with this spacious, robust and easy to clean carry tray.
Customize the compartments to suit your personal needs with the dividers provided.
  • Lightweight easy-to-clean ABS construction
  • Comfort grip handle tested to hold up to 10 Kg
  • Removable handle allows the tray to be stored flat, saving valuable lab space 
  • Comes complete with a 17 mm well 60 place tube rack
  • Tray Measures 419 x 311 x 85 mm, handle height 241 mm
  • Tube rack 17 mm


The DuraPorter® translucent sealed specimen or sample transport tote is ideal for holding and storing a variety of laboratory equipment and samples, including:
  • Hazardous/sensitive research samples
  • Clinical and Phlebotomy samples
  • Blood bags and/or tissue/organ samples
  • Public Health samples
  • Laboratory instruments
  • Biotransport carrier
Across the globe we are experiencing a heightened focus on disease control within hospitals, field hospitals, sea ports, airports, clinical and research laboratories, etc. Help these establishments safely handle, store and transport potentially infectious specimens within the facility with the Duraporter® by Heathrow Scientific.

The DuraPorter® specimen or sample transport tote is a durable, waterproof, leak-proof container that is easy to load, securely locks and is ready for transport. Available in clear, translucent red and yellow, the DuraPorter® provides needed visibility for content identification and protection during sample transport.


Sample organization for the busy lab.
Hard wearing sample storage trays that can be used for specimen containers with the insert provided, of for general lab products without the insert.
  • Lightweight and sturdy to hold up to 24 full specimen containers (up to 58 mm in diameter). Specimen containers not included.
  • Removable insert to allow outer shell to be used for storage or transportation of laboratory products
  • Stackable with other trays to support as many as four high
  • Integrated label holder and cards to enable easily changed identification
  • Able to be cleaned with common disinfectants and germicides.
  • Tray dimensions 480 x 331 x 84 mm


Droplet™ Blood Collection Tray
Designed with phlebotomists in mind!
Lightweight, roomy and easy-to-clean Droplet™ Blood Collection Tray. Keeping a clean and organized tray has never been easier. Wash the ABS tray as needed, and replace the insert periodically for a fresh start. Tray inserts come in two configurations and include an extra-deep compartment for a sharps container.
  • Tray features a supply drawer, side pockets, and a ratcheting handle with soft rubber grip that rotates out of the way for easy access
  • Each tray includes either a 13 mm or a 16 mm Heathrow OneRack® test tube rack and two disposable polystyrene inserts
  • Additional inserts sold in packs of 4 in two different configurations
  • Tray measures 429 x 265 x 172 mm
  • US Patent No. D544703
Droplet™ Lid
Cover for the Droplet™ Blood Collection Tray
Protect the contents of the Droplet Tray with this sturdy lid. Custom designed for a snug fit, the lid provides access to the tray handle in its vertical position.
  • Can be secured with cable ties for extra security
  • Made of polystyrene and is stackable. 
  • Measures 420 x 240 x 205 mm

Droplet™ Inserts
  • Insert for 13 mm tube rack
  • Insert for 16 mm tube rack


Disposable sample organization and storage
corrugated storage trays can be used with the included dividers for specimen containers or remove them for general lab product storage or transport
  • Made from corrugated polypropylene
  • Moisture resistant, significantly reducing the chance of mold
  • Lightweight and sturdy to hold up to 24 full specimen containers
  • Stackable with other trays
  • Removable dividers allow outer shell to be used for storage or transport of laboratory products
  • Pack includes: 10 trays and 10 dividers and 5/CS
  • Disposable


Hi-Viz orange alert for safer practice
High-quality disposable tourniquets that will not rope or curl when being used, so you can rely on the performance of every one. Latex free, no rubber proteins, resins or fatty acids that can produce hypersensitive reactions.
  • Made from supple and smooth polyisoprene
  • Less abrasive than other brands, uniform thickness prevents shredding and breaking
  • Each measures 2.54 x 45.72 cm
  • Disposable 


Latex-free bouffant head covers, designed for roominess and comfort.
  • Made of comfortable SPP (Spun Bond Polypropylene)
  • Gentle elastic provides secure coverage without binding
  • Packaging: 100/pk and 5/cs
  • Color: Blue


Mechanical, benchtop counters are perfect for blood cells (label included), bacterial colonies or other repetitive counting

  • Each key records up to 999
  • Total window keeps track of total number of strokes made on all other keys; bell rings when total reaches 100 Blood cell key labels
  • HS5360A: Baso., Eosin., Mono., Lymph., Poly., and Total, measures 250 x 76 x 56 mm
  • HS5360B: Baso, Eosin., Myelo., Juven., Stab., Seg., Lymph., Mono., and Total, measures 320 x 76 x 56 mm


Use for counting blood cells, bacterial colonies, drops of liquid or any repetitive event.
  • Tallies up to 9999
  • Features a quick-reset knob
  • Lens for easy reading, and finger ring for a secure grip
  • 1.8 dia x 1.6 w in (4.6 dia x 4.1 w cm)

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