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750w2 Monitor - Portable Water Quality Meter

750w2 Portable Suspended Solids Monitor

Do you know what’s in your water?

Our 740 Portable has been hugely popular with 2018 seeing record shipments, building on the 1000’s deployed since it was introduced in 2004. We are happy to introduce the New 750w² Suspended Solids Monitor.

The new handheld water quality monitor is a simple, robust and accurate tool for measuring a full set of water quality parameters with a single unit. The 750w² has been designed to expand on the parameters by allowing a suite of interchangeable water quality sensors to be connected via military grade cable connectors, initially covering Suspended Solids measurements from intake to discharge via the all important activated sludge process.

The rugged unit has a built in data recorder for storing a minimum of 500 data points.

The simple to use interface, multiple sensor options and field ready design makes the new monitor the market leader for on site monitoring of TSS, Turbidity and Sludge Level.


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