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Pipetting & Accessories


Reagent Reservoirs by Heathrow Scientific offer a fresh and modern design with enhanced features to streamline pipetting procedures.

Product Highlights
  • A full range of volumes and styles available to accommodate required volume of reagents and reduce waste
  • “V” shaped well design allows maximum reagent recovery
  • Easy to read graduation markings located on the top edge with a fill line on inner walls to indicate volume levels
  • Drip free pour-off spouts at every corner for spill free pouring
  • Reservoir Chillers are custom fitted for Heathrow Scientific 50 or 100 mL reservoirs to ensure a maximum contact for longer uniform cooling
  • Manufactured in a clean room with sterile versions certified as RNase/DNase and pyrogen free
  • Designed for multi-channel pipettes and accommodates most common brands
  • A wide base ensures stability and tiered wall design prevents deformation when handling and reduces the chance of spills
  • A unique nesting design allows easy separation that reduces the chance of warped or damaged product
  • Dual reservoir design allows pipetting of two reagents and/or maximizes recovery of small samples
  • A full range of volumes and styles available to accommodate required volume of reagents and reduce waste
  • Available in polystyrene (PS) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Bulk and five pack versions come conveniently stacked to help save space when storing
  • Free of animal products
  • Quality certificate available
  • Easy tear packaging makes handling quick and efficient
  • Lot numbers indicated on sterile versions


Innovative shape guides and protects pipette tips
Polypropylene reagent reservoir has a standard 50 mL basin on one side and 12 individual 5 mL basins on the other side.
  • Two basins in one
  • Angled wells guide pipette tips toward a center position to help avoid cross contamination and waste
  • Imprinted wells identify samples; loose-fitting lids prevent evaporation and contamination
  • Non-sterile
  • Volume: 5/50 mL
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • 125 x 50 x 37 mm
  • Pack of 25 reservoirs and 25 lids


Reagent Reservoir Coolers
Ice-free, non-toxic way to extend working period and preserve integrity for temperature sensitive reagents

  • Reagents are kept at less than 5°C (41°F) for approximately 3 hours
  • Extends working period and preserves integrity for temperature sensitive reagents
  • Engineered custom fit design for Heathrow Scientific 50 or 100 mL reservoirs to ensure a maximum contact for longer uniform cooling
  • Ice-free solution eliminates the risk of contamination from messy ice baths
  • Stackable, save space when storing in the freezer or on the bench top
  • Symmetrical cooler design allows reagent reservoirs to be mounted in either direction
  • Assorted packs for color coding options
  • Non-toxic blend of water and bacteriostatic agent chills and freezes quickly
  • Made from sonic welded, engineered polypropylene that ensures a leak free design
  • Not intended for autoclave, do not use with liquid nitrogen 
  • Reusable


Quick flip of port cover makes tip ejection easy
Convenient for one-handed disposal of used pipette tips. Eliminates any need to handle pipette tips used with hazardous fluids.
  • The 3⁄8” (10 mm) thick acrylic provides protection from Beta radiation
  • The large, hinged lid allows easy disposal of contents
  • Suggest using in conjunction with small Biohazard Disposal Bags (page 71), if hazardous fluids are not acrylic friendly
  • Measures 154 x 171 x 206 mm


Save valuable bench top space by holding and storing pipettes in the Universal Wall Mount Pipette Holder, by Heathrow Scientific.

The pipette holder comes with two wall mounting brackets that can hold two pipettes each and is supplied with different colored upper and lower segments, that easily slide into place. This enables labs to color code their pipette holders for quick identification purposes, or a user can personalize the holder in the colors of their choice.

Once mounted, the pipette holder can securely hold virtually every known brand of pipette. Inserts on the upper segments can be added or removed to accommodate the fit of various pipette widths. One handed removal or replacement of pipettes is made easy with the segments unique design that includes traction grips that help center and hold the pipettes in a vertical position which helps eliminate potential contamination.

  • Ideal for labs that do not wish to be tied into a specific brand of pipette, or already have multiple brands in use
  • Holds 2 single channel, or 2 multi channel pipettes, or a combination of both
  • Pipettes are held in a vertical position to help prevent contamination
  • Inserts on the upper holders can be added or removed to accommodate the fit of different pipette widths
  • The unit is not autoclavable but can be cleaned with soap/water or common laboratory disinfectants
  • Made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • Each package includes lower holders: 2 Blue, 2 Green, 2 Clear and Upper Holders: 2 Blue, 2 Green, 1 Purple, 1 Yellow
  • 2/pk


Pipettes never looked so good, on your bench top

Hold and store pipettes in style with the new universal carousel pipette stand that holds up to 8 single channel, 4 multi channel, or a combination of both pipettes. A sleek and modern design enables this stand to securely hold virtually every known brand of pipette in the marketplace making it truly ‘universal’ while adding a pop of color to a bench top. Inserts on the upper holders (included) can be added or removed to accommodate the fit of different of pipette widths. One handed removal or replacement of pipettes is made easy with a rotating head and stable weighted base. Moving the stand while keeping pipettes in place is simple with a quick grip handle allowing a user to grab and go. The pipette stands come with additional upper leaves to enable multiple color coding configuration options as well as a change in color to your work space, for a bit more fun.

  • Ideal for labs that do not wish to be tied into a specific brand of pipette, or already have multiple brands in use
  • Weighted base allows for easy removal or replacement of pipettes, with one hand
  • Pipettes are held in a vertical position to help prevent contamination
  • Conveniently rotate stand head to select or store pipettes
  • Quick grip handle to move pipette stand (loaded or unloaded)
  • Assorted color options allow for color coding pipette location: Blue/Green; Purple/Clear; Assorted/Clear
  • The unit is not autoclavable but can be cleaned with soap/water or common laboratory disinfectants
  • Made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)


Organize your pipette and tips.
Keep pipette and disposable tips together in one convenient stand.
  • Acrylic rack is opaque on sides but has clear front and bin lids for easy identification of contents
  • Acrylic rack holds up to four pipette on top shelf
  • Dual bins house two different sizes of tips. Self-closing lids provide dust-free storage
  • Oversized lip on lid allows for easy access even when wearing gloves
  • Measures 244 x 165 x 246 mm


The perfect choice for your labs changing needs

A unique pipette holder that can stand on the bench top, or it can be hung under a shelf to help maximize your working space.
  • Will hold up to 12 single channel pipette, or a combo of 3 single and 3 multi-channel pipettes
  • Pipettes can be held in the rubber grips and/or the plunger hooks
  • Holds most common brands
  • Rubber grips prevent scratching pipette
  • Holder rotates for easy pipette selection and storage
  • Weighted base
  • Fixing screw provided for under shelf option


Create an instant Pipette holding point within your lab.
Secures to tabletops, benches and shelves with a twist of the fingertips!
  • Chemical-resistant polypropylene and fits most major pipette brands.
  • Available in a single or triple format
  • Autoclavable


Convenient and safe storage
These classic 3, 4, and 6-place pipette stands are designed to hold most major pipette brands.
  • Acrylic stands are transparent/clear; ABS stands are solid opaque colors


Protects and organizes glass and plastic pipettes
Angled four shelved compartments keep your 0.1 to 50 mL pipettes or cans within easy reach while preventing damage and clutter.
  • Heavy duty acrylic version provides crystal-clear viewing from any angle
  • ABS versions have cut-out viewing window and come with two removable attachments that hold pipette bulbs, fillers, and pumps
  • Magnetized ABS version has strong magnets on both sides and mounts securely to most metal surfaces
  • Packaging: 1/ea
  • All racks measure 291 x 88 x 401 mm


Customize your storage of pipettes!
Organize the Cargo™ Pipette Rack to meet your laboratory or personal needs. Click together horizontally or vertically to build the desired configuration, or use as individual holders, utilizing the three lid sections provided.
  • Magnets on both sides of units connect securely and safely to most metal surfaces
  • Angled shelves store 0.1 to 50 mL pipettes within arm’s reach for use
  • Protective lid encloses the unit to prevent dust build up and provides additional shelf space
  • Link to additional sets for larger needs and requirements
  • Assorted shades of blue: light, medium, dark
  • Dimensions: 301 x 100 x 127.5 mm
  • Pack of 3


The Pipette Starter Kit by Heathrow Scientific is convenient for new labs or for customers who want a new set of pipettors covering the most commonly used volumes. The kit includes 3 single channel Pearl Pipettes, a Universal Carousel Pipette Stand and Reagent Reservoirs–all at a value price!

Pearl® Pipettes
Pearl Pipettes by Heathrow Scientific were specifically engineered for ease of use and comfort. The sleek, ergonomic design and reduced plunger pressure help reduce the chance of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), as the pipettes require 2/3 the operation pressure of most standard pipettes. A complete range of single and multi-channel Pearl pipettes are available.

Each pipette is tested in accordance with standards and a calibration certificate is supplied. Manufactured in accordance with ISO08655 and GLP regulations.

Universal Carousel Pipette Stand
Hold and store pipettes in style with the Universal Carousel Pipette Stand by Heathrow Scientific that holds up to 8 single channel, 4 multi channel, or a combination of both pipettes. A sleek and modern design enables this stand to securely hold virtually every known brand of pipette in the marketplace making it truly ‘universal’ while adding a pop of color to a bench top.

Reagent Reservoirs
Multi-channel reservoirs by Heathrow Scientific are superior in every way with thicker walls, crush-resistant “turrets” at the corners, easy pour-spouts, 25 mL graduation marks, and tabs to prevent stacked reservoirs from sticking together.


These one-piece, unbreakable polyethylene plastic pipettes are well-suited for blood banking
(2 mL size), urinalysis, hematology, wet chemistry, microbiology, and serology.
  • Bulk packed versions come in handy dispenser box
  • Sterile versions available single wrapped, or 20 wrapped at a time
  • Lot-to-lot traceability on sterile versions
  • All in packs of 500

RF1000 (ROTA FILLER 1000)

Lightweight and easy to use!

The RF1000 is a manual pipette controller and is uniquely designed for one-handed operation. Simply squeeze the main bulb and push the toggle forward to aspirate or back to dispense. Push the blowout bulb to expel any liquid remaining in the pipette.
  • Tapered silicone pipette adapter allows a large range of pipette sizes and makes to be used. Replaceable when worn
  • Accepts common, and readily available replacement filters unlike other pipette aids whose filters are custom. This will help reduce total cost of ownership over time
  • Includes a  0.45 μm filter and three nose cones, blue, green and white 
  • Stay organized with two additional nose cones (green, white) for color identification 
  • Overall dimensions 180 x 45 x 120 mm


Precise fluid control at your finger tips

Comfortable to hold and easy to use, the manual inline pipette controller was designed with an ergonomic grip and bulb for simple and precise operation. A “T” bar thumb lever controls the aspirating and dispensing speeds from serological pipettes from 1 to 100 mL in size.

Operation is simple: Squeeze the bulb to create a vacuum to draw up fluid. Push the control lever backward (upward) to aspirate liquid through a pipette, or push the lever forward (downward) to dispense the liquid. A press of the central bulb
on the unit blows-out any remaining fluid if necessary.
  • Inline ergonomic design reduces stress with ease of handling and operation
  • Conveniently accommodates either glass or plastic serological or volumetric pipettes ranging from 1 - 100 mL.
  • Includes a replaceable .45μm hydrophobic filter to protect your samples and internal components
  • Stay organized with two additional nose cones (green, white) for color identification
  • Polypropylene nozzle and silicone pipette adapter is autoclavable
  • 9 x 2.1 x 2.1 in (23 x 5.4 x 5.4 cm)


Pearl™ Pipettes Adjustable Volume
Precision liquid handling

A complete range of single channel pipette volumes to cover all your possible needs. The sleek ergonomic design and reduced plunger pressure help reduce the chance of RSI, as the pipettes require 2/3rd the operation pressure of most standard pipettes. Each pipette is tested in accordance with standards and a calibration certificate is supplied.

Precision metal components for both shaft and barrel ensure reliable performance and long life

Each unit is color coded and labeled with volume range (both top and side for quick visual confirmation)

Manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 and GLP regulations.
  • Internal metal parts for increased accuracy and calibration stability
  • Easy volume adjustment with locking tab to prevent accidental change
  • Separate tip ejector and a large digital volume display
  • CE certified
  • Autoclavable 


Vacuum / Pressure Bulb (Synthetic Rubber)

Ideal for gas sampling, or for pumping gas through apparatus. This heavy-wall bulb has two rubber valves with PVC connections.
  • Bulb capacity is 85 mL
  • Use with 7.4 mm inner diameter (tubing not supplied)


Safety Bulb Pipette Filler (Natural Rubber)
Features a white ABS attachment containing a silicone conical adapter that seals around pipettes without twisting. Pipette does not contact hard plastic, which reduces the risk of cracking and chipping. Pack of 3.
  • Comes with elastic band for hanging on reagent bottle or wrist
  • Filler fits standard size pipettes


Rubber Bulbs (Natural Rubber)

Contoured shape and heavy wall neck increase grip for easier use with pipettes and syringes. The 150 mL capacity (HS20630E) red bulb has reinforcing ribs for use with large pipettes. Bulbs are individually packaged.


Rubber Pipette Filler (Natural Rubber)
This rubber pipette filler is designed for efficient one-handed operation. Control air evacuation, liquid uptake, and liquid dispensing with three valves, each containing a chemical-resistant stainless steel ball.
  • Pinch release valve for smooth liquid flow
  • Filler fits standard size pipettes
  • Order the red pipette filler for safe pipetting of caustics. It does not contain carbon black and will not smudge
  • Filler measures 54 x 54 x 130 mm


Dropper Vial Bulbs (silicone rubber)

Designed for use with Pasteur pipettes, small pipettes and medicine droppers.


RF3000® Pipette Controller
Packed with features for comfortable and accurate pipetting the powerful pump offers rapid, yet sensitive aspiration and dispensing, has adjustable valves and is microprocessor controlled for constant reliability and accuracy.
  • Operates with 100–240 volt electrical supplies worldwide
  • Long-life li-ion battery, with quick charge–up to 20 hours continuous use
  • UV resistant housing
  • Universal grip and soft coated triggers with direction indicators, for right or left handed users
  • Ergonomically balanced in the hand with a loaded pipette
  • Bright LEDs indicate three operation modes: high, low, and gravity
  • Toggle operation by pressing the large mode button
  • Five different colored nose cones included to help differentiate department, task or user, as well as a labeling area on the side of the unit
  • Filters are readily available, so you are not tied into a pipette specific brand—helps reduce the total life costs of ownership versus other makes of pipette aids
  • An adapter can be fitted to the nose cone to stabilize small volume and thinner pipettes
  • Low battery indicator; can be recharged when in use

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