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Wireless Team Warning System

mPlatoon System

mPlatoon System

Mobile Wireless Multi-Gas Team Warning System

The mPlatoon System is a quickly deployable set of mobile multi-gas meters that communicate wirelessly to a central command station (mLink-F) up to 3 km (2 miles) distant. The system is ideal for Hazmat response, temporary venue protection, large industrial site activities, etc. The mLink-F connects with up to 8 Squads of 8 monitors each, for a total of 64 personnel with gas meters. An mSquad consists of one Head monitor (MP400H) and 3 or 7 Soldier monitors (MP400S) operating within a 0.8-km (1/2-mile) radius. Each 4- or 5-gas monitor has options for a full range of sensors for toxic gases, oxygen (O2), combustibles (LEL) and carbon dioxide (CO2). In addition to high gas concentration alarms, the Squad Head and central mLink-F modem receive any Man-Down alarms to notify them of a worker in distress. The overall operation is overseen from an Android smartphone or tablet that communicates by wireless BLE to the mLink-F within 10 m (33 ft.). The mLink-F normally runs on 100-240 VAC power and is not intrinsically safe, while all the Squad monitors run on batteries and are Class I Div I certified to operate in hazardous zones. However, the entire mPlatoon can be mobilized by operating the mLink-F out of a vehicle or utilizing its back-up battery, which runs for up to 18 hours. For smaller operations, the mLink-F can be replaced by the lower-cost mLink-P. The MP400S and MP400H have rugged construction and easy-to-learn 2-button operation.

Product Features

  • Remote, wireless real-time readings and alarms including Man-down
  • Up to 64 remote 4- or 5-gas monitors in 8 Squads of 8 persons each
  • Up to 3 km (2 miles) distance to Squad Head and 800 m within Squad
  • Mobile system operation
  • 12-hour continuous operation on single Li-ion battery charge
  • USB Micro cable for local charge & communication
  • Wide selection of sensor types


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