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Oil Test Centrifuges

Centrifuge OLEUM

As a compact table top unit, the OLEUM centrifuge is used for oil test methods. Therefore, water content in the mineral oil is examinated. The OLEUM centrifuge comes with a four place swing out rotor which accomodates cushions for oil test tubes according to ASTM: Conical or Pearshaped form.

Features and Functions:-
• Microprocessor with large LCD display
• Brushless induction drive
• Motor driven lid lock
• Audible signal at the end of each run
• Quick access to samples
• Active imbalance identifi cation and cut-off
• Noise level < 55 dBA, at max. speed
• Easy removal of rotor, without tools
• Emergency lid lock
• Stainless steel chamber
• Safety Regulations, i.e. IEC 61010

Display functions
• Diagnostic program
• Program memory for 99 programs
• Quick-key for short runs
• 10 acceleration and 10 deceleration rates
• possibility of unbreaked deceleration
• Permanent indication of preset and actual values
• Pre-selection of speed or RCF in steps of 50/10 increments
• Pre-selection of running time from 10 sec to 99h 59min or continious
• Simple operation with turning knob

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