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SludgeWatch 715 Sludge Blanket Detector

SludgeWatch 715 Sludge Blanket Detector

Sludge Blanket Detection Made Easy

The SludgeWatch 715 provides a simple, low cost method of spot checking the sludge blanket level in a wide variety of settlement tanks. The cable reel design removes the need for any additional carrying bag.

The sludge blanket is detected by winding the sensor down into the tank, the audible tone will change and the LED illuminates once the sensor has reached the blanket.

This method of sludge blanket detection offer major improvements over traditional SludgeJudge type systems in terms of both repeatability and importantly health and safety – no more manhandling 4 metre tubes full of contaminated wastewater.


Reliable detection of the sludge interface is necessary to allow operators to de-sludge tanks at the right time. Emptying the tank too often is inefficient in terms of manpower and can have knock on effects on the operation of other parts of the sludge treatment system. Equally allowing the tank to have too much sludge can cause carry over to the next process stage or into the local watercourse. Neither scenario is desirable, and the 715 will provide a quick and easy check on the interface position without relying on operator judgement. 

The SludgeWatch 715 uses a range of infrared sensors to make the sludge interface detection. Infrared attenuation has been selected as it is ideally suited to detecting the sludge present in the interface zone. This tends to be considerably ‘thinner’ than the sludge that is present at the bottom of a settlement tank.



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