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Continuity Testers

Extech ET40B Continuity Tester

Compact Size Continuity Tester with Stainless Steel Probe

  • Detects open circuit in fuse, diodes, switch, and wires
  • Built-in 2.9'' (73mm) stainless steel test probe with 4.9ft (1.5m) cable
  • Insulated alligator clip, and AAA battery

Extech ET38 Voltage/Continuity Tester

Compact Size AC Voltage Tester (12 to 300V AC) and Continuity Tester

  • Voltage detection range: 12 to 300V AC
  • Continuity tester
  • LED light indicator
  • Includes built-in screwdriver tip, pocket clip, and two button batteries

Extech CT20 Remote & Local Continuity Tester

One person operation for wire and cable testing

The CT20 is an electronic tool for electricians, alarm, cable installers and others who routinely need to check circuits for continuity and also identify cables and wires. It allows a single user to quickly identify and label two wires even when the wire ends are located in different rooms. It can accommodate test wire lengths up to 10,000-feet (3,000 meters), 26-gauge minimum. The CT20’s Remote Continuity mode allows the user to check continuity and to identify two or more cables/wires simultaneously.

  • A bright flashing LED and loud pulsating beeper indicate local continuity
  • Remote continuity with the use of the remote probe
  • Flashing remote probe - two lead, bi-color (red/green) LED probe allows a single user to identify up to three wires or cables at a time
  • Lightweight and pocketsized, clips on and hangs from the cable(s) under test without falling off
  • Great for Electricians and Helpers, Cable TV and Audio System Installers, Alarm Technicians, Plumbers, HVAC Installers etc.

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